It’s unbelievable knowing that this accident was two years ago. Stacia had been a great friend of mine since the 4th grade. We would both get to school really early and she would teach me little phrases in German. She always told me it was much more sophisticated than the English language so it was a necessity that I learned it quickly. She taught me what a girl’s period was way before Family Life class. One day, she brought red food coloring and we poured it all over our hands in a failed attempt to make everyone think we were zombies. At a sleepover we would tickle her little brother so much because she would laugh so hard and one time we tickled him until he puked all over our sleeping bags so we shared a recliner for the night. She was always fashion forward- even when we didn’t go to school together anymore I would see her around the mall and the movie theater dressed like she was fresh off of the red carpet. She prided herself on dressing for success.  The night before she died I had just seen her and she wished me a happy early birthday. Learning that she was gone the next morning was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to hear. I was in shock. I could barely utter the words out to my mom. It’s an unfortunate feeling that I don’t think I will ever forget.  Both Stacia and Bre were beautiful girls. I always think about them. I’m not the most religious, but I do believe that they are our guardian angels who watch over us everyday.

Friends Remember Stacia Anderson & Breanna Boyd


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